Just January

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The Transformation

Currently in Post-production.

Just January Vol. 2

Currently in Post-production.

Save the Cranker

My Nana, 91-year-old South Australian artist, Roma Prentice, with her thoughts about the proposed 19-story student accommodation development for the Crown and Anchor Hotel and the importance of preserving living heritage.

You can take action at the Save the Cranker website.

Living Room

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Coffee?, a short film by Steve Lockley. Produced with design by Pia D. West.

We are cast and crewed by intensely talented local film makers that have the experience and knowledge to deliver this story of mateship, office politics and personal growth.

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Screened at Shorts Film Festival 2014, Reel Event 2015 at the Regal Cinema and the Mercury Cinema.

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Nominated for Best Production Design and winner of Best Comedy and Best Screenplay at the South Australian Screen Awards 2013!

Screened at the Barossa Film Festival 2013, Reel Event 2014 at the Regal Cinema and the Mercury Cinema.

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Love, C.V.

Shown at the WOW Film Festival (Sydney) and the Barossa Film Festival.

Ek Teri Lorh - Sunny Nandra

Good Medicine

Stand-by Art Department in Josef J. Webber's music video for the Poetikool Justice track Bring It.

Stand-by Art Department on Matt Vessley's video for Hawks of Alba's track Cut You Out.

Working Stand-by Art Department for Josef J. Webber's video for Ride Into The Sun's track New Sunday.

redlippyart is a proud creator of original, hand-made badges -- miniature art that you can wear and share!  Come and check out my badges, order your own, or draw one on the spot and have it made before your eyes!

Organising promotion for your movie launch, product launch, open day or other event? Badges make a fantastic personal, mobile advertisement! Organising a market day, fete or fair? Badge-making is a fun activity that can be added to your line-up!

Email me and we can discuss your options.

The most commonly asked questions in regards to the badges are about sizes and prices, so:

To make a 25mm Badge center your graphic to 23mm.
1=$3 * 4=$10 * 20=$40 * 50=$75

To make a 57mm Badge center your graphic to 53mm.
1=$4 * 3=$10 * 20=$50

Paper not card please and leave the cutting to me! 🙂

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